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The SBB Experience

FIND SOME Frequently asked questions every bride has ABOUT THE SBB EXPeRIENCE

appointments FAQ

Find out what you should do before your bridal appointment


Find out what you need to know before ordering your dream dress

miscellaneous FAQ

Find out some tips & tricks that will help you plan your wedding 


What kind of undergarments should I wear to my appointment?

Any kind of regular underwear that you feel comfortable wearing and a strapless bra would be good (if available). Some women feel better with a control type of underwear like Spanx.

How many people can I bring?

Although we are a small boutique with limited space and seating, we don't want anyone to feel left out. We have accommodated 8 guests but would prefer to keep it around 3-5. We suggest to bring family and friends with you who are important to your dress buying decision because, with the array of choices, special incentives, and the personal attention you will receive, there is an excellent chance you will want to purchase your dream wedding dress that day!  The choice is yours but just remember, the more people the more opinions.

Are children welcomed to attend appointments?

Yes! Babies and small children are welcomed but must be supervised at all times. We do our best to keep our floors clean, however, we request no crawling on floors due to small beads and other items that may fall off of merchandise during appointments.

Are we required to remove our shoes like other boutiques?

Yes, we do request you remove your shoes. For your protection, please bring a clean pair of indoor shoes or slippers to wear while in the store. We also have slippers for our customers to use. 

Are all the dresses showing in your "In Stock" dress gallery really at the store?

Yes! All the dresses are here in the store and more! Some of our in stock dresses are not showing online.

Do I need to book an appointment?

Yes! We require appointments for wedding dresses and for bridesmaids/Mom's/Prom etc. If you drop in while an appointment is in progress, there might not be a change room available. Booking a time guarantees a change room and the proper attention you deserve. 

How much time do you allow for appointments?

We allow 2 hours between appointments for Bridal and 1 hour for Bridesmaids, Mothers and Prom.

What is the price range of your wedding dresses?

We offer a wide range of prices to fit any budget. Buy-Off-The-Rack/Discontinued dresses start as low as $99.00. Ordered dresses range from $1000-$5000.

How long does it take to order a dress?

Dresses take anywhere from 6-8 months to arrive depending on the designer. We suggest having your dress ordered 12 months before the wedding.


When should I start shopping for a dress?

Whenever you're ready. However, If you plan to shop early, be prepared to purchase a dress if you find "the one" regardless of the timeline. 

Any tips you would like to give me?

1) Do some research. Look at the different styles online to get a feel for what you are liking to show your consultant.

   2) Check out our "In Stock Wedding Dresses" tab and copy pictures of the ones you would like to try on.

   3) If you have long hair, wear it up. Trying on dresses with detailed backs, zippers, buttons, etc. can get tangled with your hair. 

   4) Use unscented deodorant if possible. And, yes, please use deodorant!

   5) Be open to trying on different shapes and styles of dresses. 

   6) Never judge a dress on the hanger! You are more likely to leave with a completely

different dress than what you originally thought you wanted.

   7) Avoid the "Just Try It" dress if its not in your price range. Trying on dresses outside your budget can lead to heartbreak and confusion.

What do I do if I cant make it to my appointment?

No problem, just call 519-927-5177 or email  to let us know. We try to limit one bridal appointment at a time. Not showing up without informing us leaves an opening that could be filled by another customer. 

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